Class of 2027

Chloe Wang

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar
Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar
Taipei American School

I’m Chloe Wang and I plan to major in Medical Anthropology.

Growing up as a Taiwanese-American in Taipei, Taiwan, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in multicultural environments through Taipei American School and IASAS, an extracurricular exchange program with five other international schools in Southeast Asia.

In high school, I was a four-year varsity athlete on the volleyball and touch rugby teams, while holding leadership positions in multiple community service clubs. Additionally, I dedicated my time to scientific research on potential treatments to combat diabetes, one of the most prominent health issues in Taiwan. Through my research, I discovered a new perspective on social determinants of health as I began to unpack how different aspects, such as culture and race, can influence health outcomes.

I am excited to continue exploring my academic and personal interests, including but not limited to fitness and socioeconomic solutions in healthcare, at Notre Dame.

Yidu “Eva” Hu

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar
Shanghai Pinghe School

I'm Eva, a member of the Glynn Honors Program, planning to major in Philosophy and Business Analytics.

During my time at Pinghe, I held leadership positions and served my community, including as President of the Philosophy & Linguistics Club. I competed extensively in debates, leading tournaments as the co-president of "Cosmopoleague," an international debate league. Despite Covid restrictions, I organized online debate camps and Invitationals to transcend physical boundaries.

Beyond public speaking, I founded Lamplex, a public service team focused on raising awareness for aphasia patients. Through an art exhibition, we showcased the resilience of aphasia families in the face of adversity.

At Notre Dame, I aspire to be a multidisciplinary learner at the intersection of reality, reason, and the pursuit of the greater good. With a passion for personal growth, compassionate leadership, and community impact, I am excited to contribute under the light of God.

Bingning Liu

Frank Reilly Scholar
Nanjing Foreign Language School

I am Bingning Liu from Nanjing, China.

I firmly believe that animals fortunate enough to survive scientific testing deserve a well-arranged retired life, and this conviction has driven me to connect post-research animals with loving, long-term homes. The challenges I encountered during my Lab to Lap program led me to a paradox: while we rely on animals to test antidepressants due to our emotional similarities, we fail to grant them intrinsic value. My published paper saw me add posthumanism, a de-anthropocentric lens, into studies of Science, Technology, and Society (STS). This accomplishment has fueled my aspirations to delve deeper into this dynamic fusion, advocating for a reevaluation of humanity's place and goals in the context of emerging advancements, especially in neurotech and generative AI.

I am eager to pursue courses in the Program of Liberal Studes, Neuroscience Behavior, and Science, Technology, and Values at Notre Dame, ultimately contributing to the development of a new mindset for our era—one that embraces a broader perspective on the interconnectedness of all beings.

Qijun Tan

William Sexton Scholar
Chongqing Bachuan Middle School

I am Tan from Chongqing, China, and I'm thrilled to be attending Notre Dame as a GCS scholar. I achieved the Principal Award in high school and was selected as Valedictorian. My interests are diverse and range from researching several economic topics to solving real-life problems to merging different spices into a traditional Kung Pao Chicken cuisine.

In high school, I established the first student-managed fund to support scholarships for students in the area, recognizing that investment can be a powerful tool for social justice. I also founded and served as chief secretary of the alumni association and successfully advocated for the installation of a photovoltaic system. Additionally, as a foil fencer and varsity captain, I have earned multiple medals in local championships. I cannot wait to share my latest culinary creation-Chicago deep pan pizza with Sichuan-style sausages and spicy chicken spaghetti with you on campus.

Yitong Luo

Liu De Scholar
Beijing Haidian International School

My academic interest in high school is centered around engineering and its real-world implications. I believe a good engineer needs to prioritize the ethical and social implications of their products before implementing technological solutions. In high school, I co-founded our school’s computer science club. In our club, we discussed and analyzed the social impact of food-delivery algorithms. Outside of the classroom, I interned at a human resources consultancy firm and programmed its online workflow system using SpringBoot and Vue. This internship is a perfect opportunity for me to learn about how talent shapes great companies. I learned about the University of Notre Dame in my Junior year when I did research about Nanoantenna with Professor Gary Bernstein. In this research, we studied the Nanoantenna cavity and modeled its signal magnification.

Beyond academic achievements, I am the second baseman of our school's baseball varsity team. I am currently a volunteer and a trustee of Green Leaf Organization, an organization dedicated to supporting children in Weihui Henan.

Yann Richer de Forges

Kaohsiung American School

I'm Yann Richer de Forges, a freshman pursuing a major in Finance and Business Analytics. During high school, I was the captain of the varsity basketball and volleyball teams for four years. I was also the president of the Athletic Council in which I was able to organize creative and exciting events for the student community. I have been fortunate to participate in accounting internships at private and public corporations along with participating in JPMorgan Chase’s commercial bank experience. As an intern with Ocean Group Avesta Corporation, I learned how to review the financial statements of potential target companies and clients. Outside of school, I created guerilla marketing campaigns to spread awareness about discrimination and human rights issues in my community.

I am both French and Taiwanese, and I have worked as a translator of documents in Chinese, English ,and French. This experience helped me develop my multicultural identity which I hope to explore further at Notre Dame.

Lily Wang

Huitong School, China

I tend to value seemingly-minor achievements in the progress of my position as a person and my interaction with my community based on who I am; for example, I’m proud that even during the most stressed and busy times, I still maintained a positive attitude throughout high school and tried my best to support people around me and bring them joy. In this sense, my biggest achievement at high school is probably playing as the rhythm guitarist in my band. My band taught me that art isn’t just about being the most adept but also about sharing the joy of creation with others. This realization also influences my visual art creation. I have done a couple of artworks that involves my friends in the creational processes, and I believe that having others’ shared experience within my works brought special meaning to both my works and friendships between these people.