In a thriving metropolis rich in history, culture, commerce, and political influence, sits Notre Dame’s home in Asia, the Beijing Global Gateway.

The Beijing Global Gateway serves the University of Notre Dame’s faculty, students, and broader community of alumni, parents, and partners by facilitating programs and convening events which promote understanding, advance knowledge and cooperation, and address issues to serve the common good within a local, regional, and global context.

Because of the Gateway’s close proximity to the Central Business District (CBD), foreign embassies, government offices, international organizations, and multinational firms, opportunities are plentiful for those who visit the Beijing Global Gateway.

This Gateway is also keen to bring Beijing, and greater China, back to Notre Dame. Each year, a number of qualified undergraduates, high school students, scholars, administrators, and delegations travel from China to South Bend to explore and enrich campus. This true exchange of people, ideas, cultures, and goals ensures Notre Dame and China have a long history ahead.

Greater China Scholar participates in reflection series from the class of 2020

Yiran (Erin) Shang, originally from Beijing, China, shares her story as part of the International Student Reflection series from the class of 2020.

‘Bridge building’ with the East: Provost’s visit marks 40 years of Notre Dame in China

Provost Tom Burish visited China to mark 40 years of Notre Dame building bridges with leaders in higher education that could lead to better relations between East and West.

Roundtable discussion on digital humanities in early China hosted at the Beijing Global Gateway

Historians from top Chinese universities gathered to brainstorm and discuss new ways to study history in the age of artificial intelligence.

68 Greater China Scholars have attended Notre Dame since launching in 2011

55% of Notre Dame’s international students are from Asia

430 members in Notre Dame parent associations in Asia

17 universities are partnering with Notre Dame for student and research exchange in Asia