Class of 2025

Charles Wang
Muhua Guo
Yuhe Sun
Yuhan Pan
Xinyi "Emily" Cao
Solbi Chung
Jingyi (Angel) Lai
Esther Lynch
Jingqi Shi
Jessica Wang

Charles Wang

Charles Wang Cropped

Concordia International School Shanghai
Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar
Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar

I’m Charles Wang, a sophomore double majoring in Business Analytics and Psychology. It has been an absolute blast here at Notre Dame so far.

I was originally born in Atlanta, Georgia but moved to California at a very young age. But soon, my family moved to Shanghai for my parents to continue their careers. Thus, I spent ages 4-18 in a place I now call home: Shanghai. Growing up, I went through various education systems: a British Middle School, and finally an international American High school. I experienced and met people from different backgrounds and cultures. This was one of my ways of experiencing the whole world other than traveling; through the lives of my peers.

At Notre Dame, I took my passions to another level. During my freshman year, I joined the biggest organization on campus - Student International Business Council (SIBC). There I was able to strive on consulting projects with two top firms: Deloitte and Bain & Co. This year, as I continue to pursue this passion, I am leading a consulting project with Ernst & Young (EY) as we tackle the online streaming industry.

Along with my passion for pursuing a business career, I am leading a magazine organization as their Visual Productions Director as well as the head photographer. Through Spare Magazine, I am able to exercise and develop my creative side. I plan on working with the Notre Dame football team in the future as I strive to create content for them as well.

As sports are an integral part of my life, I have continued to pursue my love of Basketball and Badminton. I have been playing interhall basketball with my dorm for the past two years now and I love every moment of the competition. Furthermore, I joined the Club Badminton team during my freshman year and I am now the Vice-President of the organization as we continue to improve our techniques.

I’m extremely grateful to call Notre Dame my home.

Muhua (Annie) Guo

Muhua Guo Cropped

Frank Reilly Scholar
Affiliated High School of Peking University

I am a sophomore majoring in Finance and ACMS.

At Notre Dame, I joined the Student International Business Council (SIBC) and participated in various projects in the Finance Division, including Ares, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. I also worked on the Reddit Project with the Quant Club, where we process data from Reddit posts to determine future stock prices. Following my passion for music, I became a member of the Notre Dame Chorale and performed in the Fall & Spring Concerts. Additionally, I tutor students in second-year Chinese at the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures (CSLC). Last but not least, I volunteer in the Next Step Learning Center with other scholars from Notre Dame, using sensory and cognitive programs to help children overcome difficulties in reading.

I was fortunate enough to have discovered that my passion lies in financial services since my freshman year. In the future, I will continue to expand my knowledge and skills in finance and gain more real-world experiences by working alongside top-tier finance professionals. Meanwhile, I hope to develop other academic interests and hobbies and enjoy my time at Notre Dame with friends.

Yuhe (Krystal) Sun

Yuhe Sun Cropped 1

Liu De Scholar
Nanjing Foreign Language School

I study Business Analytics and Economics with a minor in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE). I live in the Pasquerilla West Hall.

At Notre Dame, I was selected as the travel team member for SIBC McKinsey & Co in my freshman year, where I worked as a business analyst to advise on Peloton’s post-pandemic market penetration strategies. In my sophomore year, I worked on the Goldman Sachs project to model out YETI’s strategic alternatives and won the final debate at the GS New York office. I also led a team of six on the McKinsey & Montana de Luz project in the Social Impact Division to help the nonprofit design fundraising strategies to retain current donors and reach out to new ones. Starting from my freshman summer, I’ve been working for the IDEA Center at Notre Dame as a de-risking insight analyst and I’m responsible for reaching out and talking to professionals for market validation of the startup technology in the center. These experiences consolidated my passion for the intersection of consulting and social good, and I wish to continue my journey of generating social impact with business skills.

Besides my explorations in business, I served as the President of the Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA) in my sophomore year and we planned welcome gatherings, the Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Giveaway, bi-weekly Game Nights, and the annual Spring Festival Gala to foster a sense of belonging in the Chinese community. I work as a Student Ambassador for the Greater China Region for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, responsible for posting weekly updates for the admissions’ WeChat account. Academically, I was accepted to the Kellogg International Scholars Program where I work with Prof. Eisenman on researching political economy and global policy.

I anticipate myself becoming more academically well-rounded with both quantitative analytical skills and the social responsibility to generate good for society. I hope that I can develop my problem-solving mindsets, interpersonal, and leadership skills in the coming years. And I hope to get to know more friends from different cultures while maintaining the bonds with the GCS community.

Yuhan Pan

Yuhan Pan Cropped

William Sexton Scholar
Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy

I am a sophomore majoring in Business Analytics and Economics.

It’s been more than three semesters since I joined Notre Dame. Academically, I took different courses, through which I discerned my academic interest and determined the majors that I want to pursue. Business Analytics and Economics will equip me with the necessary skills to analyze real-world problems while providing me with different lenses to view and understand society.

Outside of the classroom, I devote my time to extracurricular activities and research to fully explore my interests. I led SIBC’s Singapore Standard Chartered Bank international finance project when I guided team members to conduct a country overview, industry analysis, and stock pitch. I also participated in EY’s consulting project, which culminated in a final presentation at EY’s Chicago office. Through hands-on research and seeking solutions to existing business problems, I realize that I enjoy using both quantitative and qualitative tools of analysis to approach and solve real-world business problems, which affirms my interest in a business career.

Aside from business, conducting academic research helps me further my interest in politics. I am a research assistant with Professor Victoria Hui in the political science department, examining the centrality of war in the formation and transformation of traditional China. I also worked as a research assistant with Ms. Mary Shiraef, Ph.D., researching identity transmission outcomes of border policies in southeast Europe. With these, I equip myself with solid hands-on research experiences and develop my own understanding of politics, social development, and the intersection of policy and culture.

I especially appreciate the caring and warm vibe at ND. I hope to fully leverage the resources enabled by the generosity of the GCS program and the broader campus community and follow the possibilities wherever they lead me to.

Xinyi "Emily" Cao

Chengdu Shude High School International Department

I am a sophomore majoring in Economics and considering taking a second major of ACMS or Computer Science in the future. I live in Farley Hall.

Due to the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic last year, I didn’t arrive at the campus until September when I started my freshman year. I had taken a gap year to explore my interests when I took on two internships involving language education. Besides work, I spent time learning skills I have been longing for since childhood, such as painting, singing, and playing guitar. I completed an oil painting once a week and made videos of myself singing with guitar and sending it to social media on a regular basis. Moreover, I developed an interest in the historical culture of my city Chengdu, visiting local teahouses and bookstores, conducting research about how these small stores are able to survive during the COVID era.

After arriving at Notre Dame, I have been amazed by its generosity, in terms of both its richness in resources and its kindness to everyone no matter what race, age, gender, or major he/she is. I was involved in SIBC, in which I attended as a team player to help collect, organize and present data related to a healthcare company. I also joined Fresh the dance club. It turned out to be one of the most unforgettable and relaxing experiences for my first semester, I met a lot of energetic and passionate friends who would just cheer for a dance move. It’s a wonderful experience both for my body and mind.

This spring, I plan to participate in a variety of school events. The Social Concerns Seminar, Take Ten, and SSLP are all exciting opportunities for me.

Solbi Chung

Solbi Chung Cropped

Yew Chung International School of Chongqing

I am originally from Seoul, Korea. I major in Philosophy and Sociology with a minor in Data Science and French and Francophone Studies.

During high school, I was fascinated by the study of history and social sciences. Learning about real-life issues that are happening around the society we reside in has been my point of interest. Extending my academic curiosity, I conducted research on the role of media during the enactment of Martial Law in 1961, Korea. I am also passionate about the betterment of the quality of living for every individual through humanity work. I organized a long-term collaborative project with a local NGO in Cambodia to enhance female hygiene and sex education in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The enlightenment I gained through the interaction with Khmer girls has inspired me to find the first feminist club in my high school. I have been lucky enough to be invited to present myself at the 2020 International Women’s Organization forum. The leadership roles I held as the president of the Student Council, MUN team, Women’s rights club, and Art Resource Council have encouraged me to appreciate my opportunities to serve others.

I am continuing both my academic and personal explorations with great resources here at Notre Dame. Currently, I am working as a Korean peer tutor at the CLSC. I anticipate further engaging in research in the field of Sociology as a research assistant for the Chicago Congregation Project.

Again, Notre Dame greets my curiosity and continues to provide the best resources to develop it into something that could be meaningful for our society.

Jingyi (Angel) Lai

Jingyi Lai Cropped

Wuhan Britain-China School


I double major in Sociology and Economics, with a minor in Asian Studies.

At Notre Dame, I am grateful to pursue my academic interests as well as to practice my faith and values. In the past year, I worked as a research assistant on ancient Chinese wars. I am one of the 24 International Scholars in my class, assisting Kellogg professor Eva Dziadula in her research in development economics.

Aside from academics, I am a member of the GCS Event Planning Committee and help organize GCS events. Notre Dame provides me with opportunities to pursue my interest in service. I worked with the Robinson Community on the Take Ten program, helping children learn to resolve conflicts in peaceful ways. I am in the Diversity & Inclusion, Race & Ethnicity department of the Notre Dame student government, promoting racial and gender diversity on campus.

I am grateful for the abundant resources the Notre Dame community provides me and will keep passing on our good traditions. I plan to be more actively engaged in sociology and economics clubs to further my interests in the areas this academic year.

Esther Lynch

Esther Lynch Cropped

Chinese International School, Hong Kong

I major in Political Science with a supplementary major in Global Affairs and a minor in Chinese.

I was born in Paris, France, to two educator parents, where I lived until I was nine before my family moved to New York, where I continued my education at the Lycée Français de New York. In New York, I completed various internships at non-governmental organizations such as ATD Fourth World, a French NGO devoted to eradicating extreme poverty around the world. When my family moved to Hong Kong when I was 15, I studied at the Chinese International School. In this bilingual institution, I was privileged enough to devote a lot of my time and energy to learning Chinese and immersing myself in the fascinating Hong Kong culture I was surrounded by.

At Notre Dame, I have been fortunate to take a range of classes permitting me to learn about my interests in a structured and intellectually challenging manner, such as taking an International Human Rights class through the Keough School of Global Affairs. I have also continued my passion for learning Chinese by taking a Chinese class five times a week and ultimately declaring a Chinese minor. Outside of the classroom, I am a member of the Partners in Health chapter of Notre Dame, where I help advocate for the right to healthcare across Indiana and the globe. Furthermore, I have become a member of Mercy Works, through which I have been able to establish a meaningful connection with the South Bend community through weekly volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club.

I have loved my time here and hope to continue making deep connections with my classmates and professors and learning more about topics I am fascinated by.

Jingqi Shi

The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University

I’m Jingqi, a sophomore from Beijing. I’m majoring in History and Math.

I’m interested in arts and history. In Particular, I researched the intellectual history of post-war Japan from modern literature. In high school, I spent most of my time working in the student union. As the 34th president, I tried my best to bring changes to the school and create a better community. At Notre Dame, I’m continuing my exploration of East Asian studies while pursuing an in-depth understanding of math. I appreciate the rich academic resources that Notre Dame provided to me. Especially, I cherish the opportunities to solve my confusion with outstanding scholars. Their guidance broadened my horizons in the realm of historiography and topics on Chinese philosophy that others scarcely realize their importance.

I hope my research can contribute to the intellectual development of human beings and promote East-West communication in the future.

Jessica Wang

Jessica Wang Cropped

Tianjin International School

I am a sophomore majoring in biological sciences and am honored to be a part of the Glynn Family Honors Program. I live in Pasquerilla West Hall.

This semester, I am honored to work with another group of students interested in genetics and cellular and molecular biology to research the visual system of the mosquito type Aedes aegypti. Not only did I gain scientific knowledge, but I also practiced independent research and how to think like a scientist. Unlike lab courses, we designed our own experiments and schedule based on our individual aims.

Notre Dame has provided so much for me to develop in various areas. I cannot wait to see what Notre Dame still has for me to discover, and I cannot wait to give back to the Notre Dame community in my own ways!