Class of 2023

Bingyu (Lily) Deng
Weike (Colin) Fang
Hanjing (Sylvia) Zhu
Ryan Chao-Wei Lin
Xinqi (Kayle) Liao
Jingyao Shan
Tiantian Wei
Jiani (Jenny) Xia


Bingyu (Lily) Deng

High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai
Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar
Frank Reilly Scholar
Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar

Hi, my name is Lily Deng, and I’m a sophomore originally from Shanghai, China, studying Finance and ACMS at Notre Dame, minoring in Musical Theater.

At Notre Dame, I am involved in various academic, leadership and extracurricular activities. Since singing is my strongest passion, I joined Chorale, the official student chorus on campus and performed in the fall concert my freshman year. I also joined SIBC (Student International Business Council) to explore my interest in business and will be serving as the Chief Financial Officer in the coming year. As a member of the Student Empowerment department in the Student Government, I work on empowering international students by reviewing and improving policies and organizing events.

In the past semesters, I participated in consulting and finance projects with Boston Consulting Group, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs and presented at their headquarters in Chicago and New York. Through working with companies on real projects, I gained a deeper understanding of my professional pursuit in the future. During the summer following my freshman year, I participated in a 8-week service microfinance project, providing financial support to lower-income entrepreneurs. Currently, I’m working at LaSalle Capital, a private equity firm to further my understanding in the investing field.

Outside of academics, I’m also passionate about all kinds of volunteering work. I participated in MoneyThink to teach local high school students financial literacy and volunteered at Delta Dental Colorado Foundation to facilitate equity in public health.

Weike (Colin) Fang

Weike Colin Fang

Shenzhen Senior High School, Shenzhen
Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar

Hi, I am Weike (Colin) Fang from Shenzhen, a sophomore majoring in Honors Mathematics with Computing Concentration. I lived in Zahm House when I was on campus. In high school, I co-founded a non-profit organization called Jiayong Health Industry and served as the Head of the Charity Division. Starting as volunteer teachers, we sought ways to help Tibetans through selling local products supplied by parents of our students and dedicating the proceeds of sales to fund the continued education of over 60 children. Academically, I interned at Quanten Technologies company and participated in research experiments and MATLAB simulations for a multiphase motor algorithm for forklifts, eventually publishing an academic paper in Telecom Power Technologies.

At Notre Dame, I have taken part in a myriad of clubs or organizations to expand my academic and extracurricular interests. Serving as the head of the publicity department of CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association), I managed the social media accounts, coordinated campus-wide cultural and career-related events, and cooperated with other U.S. universities to hold various competitions. I also joined PEMCo (Pasquerilla East Musical Company) and served as the Music Director for the musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Besides, I am involved in helping the local community, such as cooperating with Storybook nonprofit on the literary project at Darden Elementary School and playing piano pieces as a volunteer at Great Lakes Caring Hospice and Center for the Homeless. Through involvement with the local community, I hope to develop more volunteering skills to serve more significant causes in the world.

I am also involved in several research projects, here at Notre Dame. In the past summer, I have participated in the Combinatorics summer research group at Notre Dame, where we researched on Ramsey Theory and hosted weekly sharing and presentations under the guidance of Professor David Galvin. I am also working on interpreting and analyzing the GAP system for computational group theory, hoping to understand classifications and representations of groups better, with the findings presented in my abstract algebra paper. In my computational social science research team, I designed a model that converts words to high-dimensional vectors, enabling us to analyze the semantic change of words through Chinese history. To continue my research in NLP (Natural Language Processing), I am going to serve as an undergraduate research assistant at Notre Dame Data Mining towards Decision Making Lab, assisting with more complicated NLP projects.

In the past semester, I studied at SUSTech as an exchange student, where I had great academic interactions with local students and professors and learned from new perspectives. At Notre Dame, I am grateful to participate in various internship, service, and research programs, allowing me to explore my academic path and life goals.

Hanjing (Sylvia) Zhu

Sylvia Zhu

St. Joseph’s Institution International, Singapore
Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar

I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in PSM(Philosophy, Science, and Math) and MECP(Engineering Cooperative Practice).

My passion for Computer Science was triggered when taking two foundation classes last spring semester. There, I was introduced to both software and hardware knowledge and was fascinated by computing languages. After recognizing my desire to explore more, my professor invited me to work in his lab during the summer. Hence, I started writing modules in Verilog to implement Quantum Computing on the FPGA board, and to reduce run time. After taking Dr. Morrison’s Data Structures in the summer, I worked as a TA for him last semester. Apart from grading students homework, I acted as a Project Manager for two preternship projects, where students were guided by industry professionals from IBM and Cisco to gain real-world experience and apply Data Structures skills.

Focusing on ethics and sticking with our morals while making decisions is crucial, and I am determined to become an ethical entrepreneur. To delve my interest in business, I attended SIBC (Student International Business Council), associated with contacts from Microsoft and KPMG, and led two projects in the STEM division. I interned as a technical product manager at RYZE, where I conducted user interviews, developed documentation for application playbook, and collaborated with developers and UX/UI designers to code for the front-end infrastructure. Besides that, we discussed the importance of ethical computing and cultural inclusiveness in the field.

The splendid life I spent in Notre Dame shapes me into a more ethical, thoughtful, and conscientious woman. In the future, I wish to dedicate myself into service and public welfare, becoming a force for good. Next summer, I will be interning at Microsoft’s headquarter, located in Redmond, Washington, to explore software engineering and program management.

Ryan Chao-Wei Lin

Ryan Lin

Taipei American School
William Sexton Scholar

Hi! My name is Ryan Lin, and I come from Taipei, Taiwan. I am a William Sexton Scholar at Notre Dame and I plan on pursuing a double major in International Economics (Spanish) and Philosophy.

One of my strongest passions is storytelling through various artistic mediums -- my favorite being film. Filmmaking has the power to construct realities which can be used to critically examine human experiences. At Notre Dame, I want to expose myself to diverse academic subjects which will challenge my worldviews and paradigms. I hope to use those academic experiences to help me tell stories from multiple, critical perspectives.

In high school, I was an avid participant in the arts. I played violin/viola in the Honors Orchestra for all four years until graduation. The most memorable experiences I have with music are in the AMIS Music Festival, where after audition rounds, I performed in Doha, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Salzburg. I was also an independent filmmaker for school-wide pep rallies and multiple personal projects. In my senior year of high school, I decided to pick up dance, and ended up being selected for a lead role in the production as well as being placed in the Varsity Dance team. For me, dance is another intimate medium to express human emotions and tell stories through movement, physicalization, and space.

Aside from the arts, I was the Publicity Head for the Spanish Honor Society, where I was fortunate to have the fun job of photographer and social media manager, working with other officers and teacher-sponsors. I was also a New Student Ambassador for Reach Out, an organization on campus that helped new students transition into high school. Joining Reach Out has inspired me to do something similar here, like helping applicants by being a campus tour guide.

Here at Notre Dame, I am grateful to have found a lovely group of friends within the Chinese international community, with whom my experience would not be the same without. On campus, I am a barista at Hagerty Family Cafe. This opportunity has given me a place to appreciate everyday culinary practices as art. Most importantly, however, it has allowed me to interact with individuals of diverse ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. I have had the sweetest conversations and encounters with people whom I would not have met if I were not behind the counter.

In the next four years at Notre Dame, I hope to spend at least a semester in Santiago, Chile to enrich my Spanish-speaking skills and cultural-awareness through immersion. On campus, I strive to change the cultural climate regarding activism. I want to fight systemic issues that work to oppress certain voices, and I hope to use my passion in the arts to help amplify those voices and social justice issues.

Xinqi (Kayle) Liao

Kayle Liao

United World College Changshu China

I am a proud pyro living in Pasquerilla East Hall. I major in Economics and German with a minor in Computing and Digital Technologies.

International affairs and peace-making have always intrigued me, which was the reason I attended UWC with students from more than a hundred countries around the world. There, I lived and studied with people of diverse backgrounds and opinions which fostered my cross-cultural understanding and ability of conflict-solving . In high school, I chaired Model UN conferences, founded a club aiming to improve people’s public speaking skills and used theater to voice feminism and people with special needs.

Coming to Notre Dame, I joined lots of different clubs on campus to explore my interests and career path. During the first fall break, I went on the Appalachia seminar in Virginia, repairing houses for the local households and establishing friendship with the local community. I am active in SIBC where I participated in consulting projects with McKinsey & Co., Bain & Co., and PwC. I also worked as a startup risk analyst at the IDEA Center where I did market research and discerned risks for startups. I also enjoy dancing with Troop ND, a hiphop and Jazz dance club on campus. In 2019 Asian Allure, I led and performed in a dance piece. I enjoy interacting with people and learning their stories, which led me to write for The Observer, the student newspaper and Scholastic, the student magazine. I have published over 10 articles in the newspaper and 3 stories in the magazine. In the future, I look forward to voicing ethics and democracy and empowering the under-privileged in my writing. I’ve been participating in Model UN for five years and I served as a Specialized Committees Staff on the NDMUN IV conference in December. Helping high school attendees to develop a sense of global citizenship and critical thinking in the web of global affairs is a very rewarding experience for me .

Jingyao Shan

Jingyao Shan

Harbin No.3 High School

I’m a sophomore, currently majoring in Philosophy and Economics.

In high school, I served as a leading role in both the school's debate club and mock trial club. I was also the school’s captain for the United States Academic Decathlon competition and led 27 members across two campuses. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, especially global classics. Influenced by it I founded the Great Books Reading Club and organized the EupteLead Youth Empowerment--a program offering K-12 textbooks and question-driven English courses to underprivileged pupils. Till now, the program has been carried out in four elementary schools among more than 800 students.

A fruitful year at Notre Dame helps me narrow down my academic concentration and determine my future goal. With majors in philosophy and economics and a minor in PPE, I’m passionate about understanding humans and the principles governing human society. . As I’m obsessed with both intense philosophical discussions and a rigorous numerical analysis of socioeconomic phenomena, I always seek ways to apply these ideal scholastic models in a real-world setting and promote human welfare at a greater level. One of the highlights at Notre Dame is my involvement in the Kellogg ISP, a research program centered on international studies. Being a research assistant there, I am blessed with the opportunity to delve deeper into China’s cultural system, which solidifies my interest in research and global cultural studies. In fall 2020, I was studying away locally at Peking University. It was an amazing experience to learn from a completely different perspective and acquire multicultural fluency. I plan to study in Washington D.C. in fall 2021 and further explore my passion and the career path. Fingers crossed it will happen!

Tiantian Wei

Tiantian Wei

Nanjing Foreign Language School, Nanjing

I am a sophomore double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. Back in high school, I participated in many STEM activities. Spending two years in our school’s Young physicists’ Tournament team, I grew up from a girl with no experience in the Physics Olympiad to one of the most senior members. In the FRC Robotics Team 5839, I led many outreaching projects of the robotics community. We received sponsorships totaling $4,500 from Ford, Dassault Systems, and Sanze Technology, and used the money on developing a high school SolidWorks curriculum and mentor 10 FIRST Tech Competition teams in Jiangsu.

At Notre Dame, I am engaged in STEM mentorship programs. Last summer, I became a coach at the ONEXYS program, a pre-college program for first-generation college students organized by the ND Math department. I taught a 4-week online course about pre-calculus for incoming Freshmen twice a week. I helped five students get ready for college-level quantitative reasoning courses and introduced my experiences at ND to help with their transition to the college.

At the beginning of my freshman year, I was amazed by all the exciting opportunities for academic exploration, cultural immersion, and service that Notre Dame offers. Aiming to challenge myself and serve the community, I volunteered to work at an English teaching program at La Casa de Amistad (ENL Program), where I teach Hispanic people English. I also attend the Living with Mental Illness, a social concern seminar this semester. Through weekly meetings and an immersion week, I learned how the “Clubhouse Model” helps people with mental illness by providing them with mutual support and transitional employment. After this experience, I realize it is easy to know a social problem through words, but we can only understand the real needs of the community we want to help through integrating ourselves into it.

In the following years at Notre Dame, I will continue exploring my academic interests and challenging myself in different aspects to become a better global citizen.

Jiani (Jenny) Xia

Jiani Jenny Xia

Shanghai Foreign Language School, Shanghai

I am glad that I remain persistent in my academic interest, as I finally declared my major in Finance and ACMS.

Notre Dame provides every individual who is interested in business with helpful resources. I joined the Student International Business Council(SIBC), where I worked with various companies such as Bain and KPMG. I was able to take a close-up look into the industry — from consulting firms to private equity capitals. I joined Women in Business to empower female students who are interested in financial services just like me. The skills and practical knowledge I have accumulated through these on-campus involvements have greatly supported me during my internships. My internships within the private equity and venture capital industries have taught me professional skills such as due diligence and portfolio analysis.

Notre Dame has a tradition of educating impactful leaders and encouraging students to take actions; I was a leader in high school and I want to have the best education and resources to continue growing in that role while making a difference in the world. I thus joined Jubilee Initiative for Financial Inclusion(JIFFI) to promote financial literacy and better the financial environment in South Bend. During my spare time, I also volunteer in local homeless centers and refuges with my friends.

I am open to opportunities and challenges in my next few years at Notre Dame. I will continue to explore the uncertainty and grow my passion.