Class of 2023

Bingyu (Lily) Deng
Weike (Colin) Fang
Hanjing (Sylvia) Zhu
Ryan Chao-Wei Lin
Xinqi (Kayle) Liao
Jingyao Shan
Tiantian Wei
Jiani (Jenny) Xia


Bingyu (Lily) Deng

High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai
Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar
Frank Reilly Scholar
Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar

Hi, my name is Lily Deng, and I’m a junior originally from Shanghai, China, studying Finance and ACMS at Notre Dame, minoring in Musical Theater. At Notre Dame, I am involved in various academic, leadership, and extracurricular activities. I joined SIBC (Student International Business Council) to explore my interest in business in my freshman year and developed a deep passion in the finance division. Last year, I served on the board as Chief Financial Officer and will be serving as Finance Director this coming year. Through working with world-renowned firms on real-world projects, I gained a deeper understanding of my professional pursuit in the future.

I’m also excited to start the musical theater minor last semester since I’ve been a huge Broadway fan since childhood. In an acting class, I was able to explore my potential in performance arts and actually “star” as a character in my favorite musical in class. With that being said, I’m extremely grateful for the flexibility of the Notre Dame curriculum and the variety of opportunities it offers.

Outside of academics, I’m also passionate about all kinds of volunteering work. I currently serve on the board of MoneyThink, a club that teaches local high school students financial literacy, and volunteered at Delta Dental Colorado Foundation to facilitate equity in public health.

During the summer following my sophomore year, I worked at I Squared Capital, an infrastructure private equity firm with ~30 billion AUM. I will be interning at Ares Management in New York this summer.

Weike (Colin) Fang

Weike Colin Fang

Shenzhen Senior High School, Shenzhen
Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar

I am Weike (Colin) Fang from Shenzhen, a junior majoring in Honors Mathematics with a Computer Science Concentration.

At Notre Dame, I have participated in many clubs and organizations to expand my academic and extracurricular interests. Serving as the head of the technology department of CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association), I help maintain the NDCSSA Wiki page and manage the tech platforms for events in cooperation with multiple U.S. universities. I also led the Exponent and P&G project in the ND Data Science club, leading the student-corporate research partnership and presenting our results to their data scientists.

With my technical skills, I hope to serve more significant causes worldwide. In my junior year, I started an internship as a Machine Learning engineer at FloWaste, a tech startup aiming to reduce food waste in cafeterias and chain restaurants. I was able to develop computer vision models that accurately detect and track food components to help the restaurants know the amount of food served and wasted.

I am involved in several research projects. In the past summer, I participated in a Math Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) under the guidance of Professor Miller at Williams College. We researched the extent to which the Laurent series coefficients related to the Mandelbrot set fit Benford’s Law. We presented our findings at Young Mathematicians Conference with a written journal. I am also working as an undergraduate research assistant at Notre Dame DM2 Lab led by Professor Jiang, assisting research on the balance of diversity and accuracy in Natural Language Generation.

In the past semester, I participated in the Silicon Valley Semester program, in which I had an immersive experience in the Bay area through visiting tech companies, making connections with alumni, and taking tailored classes. I am grateful for the myriad of academic and career opportunities at Notre Dame, allowing me to explore my academic paths and discern my life goals.

Hanjing (Sylvia) Zhu

Sylvia Zhu

St. Joseph’s Institution International, Singapore
Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar

I am a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring inMECP(Engineering Cooperative Practice).

My interest in Computer Science stemmed from taking two fundamental classes in the second semester of my first year. There, I was introduced to both software and hardware knowledge and was fascinated by computing languages. To explore more outside of the classroom, I took iOS Mobile App Design courses and a summer technical interview preparation bootcamp with CodePath, a nonprofit organization devoted to boosting diversity in tech by providing free education to underrepresented minorities. My hard work and curiosity landed me an internship opportunity at Microsoft, where I could explore both Software Engineering and Product Management. Last summer, I worked on designing and implementing the automation and migration of 85K Microsoft employees’ U.S. Payroll System jobs to a newer cloud-based platform called Azure Data Factory.

My internship experiences developed my strength in empathy and my ability to think through operational details, user experiences, and potential feature improvements. In addition to that, my past entrepreneurial experiences and desire to engage with people drove me to start pursuing a career in Product Management. Hence, I’ll be returning to Microsoft as a Program Management Intern in Redmond, Washington, this summer.

The splendid life I spent in Notre Dame shaped me into a more ethical, thoughtful, and conscientious woman. To close the gender gap in tech, I led six girls to teach Web Development at a local high school on a weekly basis. In the future, I wish to continue dedicating myself to service and public welfare, becoming a force for good.

Ryan Chao-Wei Lin

Ryan Lin

Taipei American School
William Sexton Scholar

My name is Ryan Lin, and I am from Taipei, Taiwan. I am a William Sexton Scholar at Notre Dame, and I plan on pursuing a double major in International Economics (Spanish) and a minor in Industrial Design.

One of my strongest passions is storytelling through various artistic mediums -- my favorite being film. Filmmaking has the power to construct realities that can be used to critically examine human experiences. At Notre Dame, I want to expose myself to diverse academic subjects which will challenge my worldviews and paradigms. I hope to use those academic experiences to help me tell stories from multiple critical perspectives.

On campus, I am a barista at Hagerty Family Cafe. This opportunity has given me a place to appreciate everyday culinary practices as art. Most importantly, I can interact with individuals of diverse ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. My favorite conversations and moments on campus have come from behind the counter. I am a volunteer homework tutor for the Robinson Community Learning Center in South Bend, as well as for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “Homework Helpers” Program.

In the remaining time here, I will spend a semester in Santiago, Chile, to enrich my Spanish-speaking skills and cultural awareness through immersion.

Xinqi (Kayle) Liao

Kayle Liao

United World College Changshu China

I’m a junior majoring in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Data Science. I reside in Flaherty Hall.

Notre Dame has allowed me to explore different career and academic interests through various extracurriculars. I acquired the business acumen and problem-solving skills through SIBC consulting projects I have worked on with McKinsey & Co., Bain & Co., and PwC.

In Fall 2021, I participated in the Washington Program, where I discovered my academic interests in the international political economy by taking U.S foreign policy and elections classes. While in DC, I interned at Accion, a leading global impact investor who invests in fintech startups to empower the financially underprivileged 3 billion population. I was able to learn how my finance skills can be utilized and put towards force for good. In my sophomore summer, I interned at the Bank of China New York Branch, where I gained an understanding of FX derivatives and RMB globalization.

This upcoming summer, I will intern at the Sales & Trading division of Citi New York. Selected as one of the three interns, I look forward to gaining investing knowledge and learning to be a force for good in the investment field through the internship. Long-term career-wise, I want to become an impact investor, which requires a deep understanding of emerging countries' political and economic landscapes and rigorous investing expertise.

Jingyao Shan

Jingyao Shan

Harbin No.3 High School

I’m a junior student residing in Cavanaugh Hall.

As a student majoring in Philosophy and Economics, I’m passionate about the discussions related to the fundamental aspects of human beings and numerical analysis of different socioeconomic phenomena. In the meanwhile, I’m also interested in international development and world politics, which drives me into the PPE (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics) minor. The Notre Dame education has made it possible for me to combine these academic interests together and to explore them freely, even in different places. In fall 2020, I was able to study away locally at Peking University, where I learned Chinese philosophy, modern Chinese thoughts, comparative philosophy, Chinese economy, etc. In fall 2021, I spent a semester in Washington DC taking political science classes and getting to know the real political world.

The experience at Notre Dame so far facilitates my growth in academic disciplines and exposes me to opportunities outside of the classroom. One of the highlights is my involvement in the Kellogg International Scholars Program. As a research assistant in the program, I closely studied the Chinese cultural system and public policy with Professor Michel Hockx. I developed connections with other faculty fellows and peers who also share interests in international studies. Sponsored by the Kellogg Institute and GCS in the winter and summer of 2021, I interned at South African NGOs, where I was able to look into the SA legal and political systems and further my understanding of international human rights.

In fall 2021, my time in DC was made particularly special because of my internship at American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank. Working for its foreign policy department, I helped with the research project about Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and familiarized myself with the world challenges in the face of deteriorating US-China relations. Moving forward, I will keep exploring my academic interests and career path while beholding the goal of contributing to the world community.

Tiantian Wei

Tiantian Wei

Nanjing Foreign Language School, Nanjing

I am a Junior double majoring in Mathematics and Economics.

At Notre Dame, I engaged in STEM mentorship programs. I coached at the ONEXYS program for two summers. ONEXYS is a pre-college Math program for first-generation college students organized by the ND Math department. I taught a 4-week online course about pre-calculus for incoming Freshmen twice a week. I mentored five students to get ready for college-level quantitative reasoning courses and introduced my experiences at ND to help with their transition to college.

At the beginning of my freshman year, I was amazed by all the exciting opportunities for academic exploration, cultural immersion, and service that Notre Dame offers. Aiming to challenge myself and serve the community, I volunteered to work at an English teaching program at La Casa de Amistad (ENL Program), where I teach Hispanic people English. I also attended the Living with Mental Illness, a social concern seminar this semester. Through weekly meetings and an immersion week, I learned how nonprofit organizations help people with mental illnesses by creating an environment with mutual support.

Notre Dame has many amazing opportunities to help students discern career paths and future possibilities. I benefited from business clubs like SIBC, ND Institute in Global Investing, Career Center, and upperclassmen connections. I confirmed my interest in the secondary market after my summer internship at Huatai Securities in my freshman year. Later, I attended many workshops and guest speaker events organized by Wall Street Clubs, and I joined the JP Morgan wealth management travel team of SIBC. All these experiences helped me learn valuable technical and leadership skills. I will be interning at Bank of America in my junior summer in New York City.

I explored my passion for traveling and intercultural immersions through Notre Dame. In my junior fall semester, I studied abroad in London. My experience of studying in different parts of the world allows me to meet people from different backgrounds and learn how to explore the world on my own. I will continue exploring my academic interests and challenging myself in different aspects to become a better global citizen.

Jiani (Jenny) Xia

Jiani Jenny Xia

Shanghai Foreign Language School, Shanghai

I am a current junior studying Finance and Applied Maths at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame provides every individual who is interested in business with helpful resources. I joined the Student International Business Council(SIBC), where I worked with various companies such as Bain and McKinsey. I was able to take a close-up look into the industry — from consulting firms to private equity capitals. I joined Women in Business to empower female students who are interested in financial services just like me. The skills and practical knowledge I have accumulated through these on-campus involvements have greatly supported me during my internships. My internships within the private equity and venture capital industries have taught me professional skills such as due diligence and portfolio analysis.

Notre Dame has a tradition of educating impactful leaders and encouraging students to take actions. I thus joined Jubilee Initiative for Financial Inclusion(JIFFI) to promote financial literacy and better the financial environment in South Bend. Working for the Career Development Center, I was able to contribute to the student community by designing tailored mentorship programs and activities.

I am open to opportunities and challenges in my next few years at Notre Dame. I will continue to explore the uncertainty and grow my passion.