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Giving to the Greater China Scholars Program

支持大中华奖学金项目,请访问 giving.nd.edu 并阅读操作指南 (To support the Greater China Scholars Program, please visit giving.nd.edu and view the document for detailed instructions.)

By making a Notre Dame education experience possible for exceptionally qualified Chinese students, donors to the Greater China Scholars Program bring a level of prestige and recognition to the recipient’s college career. The ability to attract these young leaders increases in direct proportion to the funding available for the Program.

Donors may make one-time or regular contributions or they may endow at various funding levels the scholarships, cultural and academic enrichment experiences, and intentionally designed leadership programming. Endowments will be named at the donor’s behest, and additional appropriate recognition will be offered with the donor’s consent. Donors will experience University-level stewardship as well as bespoke experiences, which may include the listing of a benefactor’s name on campus, invitations to special recognition events, annual reports, and regular correspondence with recipients.

Make a Contribution

To make a one-time contribution or regular contributions via credit card, please view this document for detailed instructions and visit giving.nd.edu.

To create an endowment and/or learn more about giving to the Greater China Scholars Program, please contact:

Michael Loungo
Senior Director, Academic and Global Advancement
405 Main Building
Notre Dame, IN 46566
United States of America
Telephone: +1 574 631 7712

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