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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for the Greater China Scholars Program?

Applicants of the University of Notre Dame who are citizens or residents in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan are eligible for the Greater China Scholars Program.

Is there an application process for the Greater China Scholars Program?

There is no separate application process for the Greater China Scholars Program. The Undergraduate Admissions Office will review the applications to admission and select approximately 20 finalists. However, there may be additional required materials for submission after being selected as a finalist.

How many scholarships will be offered for students entering Notre Dame?

During the Greater China Scholars Weekend, the Selection Committee will make recommendations to the University about the scholarship funding to the finalists.

What are the selection criteria for the Greater China Scholars?

The Undergraduate Admissions Office will review the applications for admission to the University of Notre Dame and short-list scholarship finalists based on the following criteria: demonstration of exceptional academic achievement, a strong commitment to the betterment of society, and a promising capacity for global leadership.

Are there minimum academic scores, or class ranks that applicants must have?

No, there are no minimum qualifications. However, successful applicants possess an outstanding high school academic record and aspire to utilize their education to benefit society.

Is financial need one of the selection criteria?

The Greater China Scholars Program is a merit-based scholarship program. Financial need is not considered.

When will the scholarship finalists be notified?

Scholarship finalists will be notified after the review process has been completed. The estimated date of notification is March 1st.

How will the scholarship awardees be selected? Are there additional requirements for the scholarship finalists?

Scholarship finalists will be invited to participate in the Greater China Scholars Weekend in mid-March. The award recipients will be carefully selected by a Notre Dame committee through selection activities during the Greater China Scholars Weekend.

What is the Greater China Scholars Weekend?

The GCS Weekend flies out all finalists and Notre Dame selection committee members to Beijing for a weekend in mid-March. During the weekend, finalists participate in individual interviews, group activities, and other interactive events. The interviews and activities will help the committee members select the recipients of the scholarship. Finalists also have the opportunity to meet Notre Dame alumni, parents, students, and friends.

When will the scholarship awardees be selected?

Scholarship awardees will be selected by early April.

May I apply for other scholarships and financial aids in conjunction with the GCS scholarship?

Yes, all applicants concerned with meeting the costs of a Notre Dame education should complete all financial aid documents and apply for other available scholarships.

Are scholarship awardees obligated to enroll at Notre Dame?

A student who is offered the scholarship will have until May 1 to accept or decline the scholarship and to confirm that he/she will be attending Notre Dame. The scholarship is not transferable to any other university.

Are transfer students to the University of Notre Dame eligible to apply?

No, only students who are applying to enter Notre Dame as first year students in Fall are eligible to apply. Transfer students are ineligible for this scholarship.

If I have questions about the Greater China Scholars Program, who should I contact?

For questions regarding admissions, please visit: admissions.nd.edu. This web site provides detailed information about applying to Notre Dame. Also, you may call the Undergraduate Admissions office at +1 574-631-7505 or contact the office via e-mail: admissions@nd.edu. For questions specifically related to the GCS program, please contact Miranda Ma.