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Summer Programs

Students can choose from a robust range of options throughout Asia to study abroad during the summer, including:

Beijing Summer Philosophy

During this three-week program in Beijing, students take one three-credit course taught jointly by a Notre Dame professor  and a professoer from the University of Sydney (Australia). The course explores the philosophical dimensions of physics and biology, highlighting the motivations behind comparing and contrasting philosophical perspectives in these scientific disciplines. Students will delve into the foundational concepts, theories, and methodologies of physics and biology from a philosophical standpoint through lectures, discussions, and readings. During the course, students will have opportunities to visit a variety of organizations and go on cultural excursions, including the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. 

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Global Professional Experience

Notre Dame Global offers undergraduate students an international experiential learning opportunity to experience firsthand within an immersive environment how businesses and organizations operate in selected locations throughout the world. The Global Professional Experience Program places students with selected global and local companies and organizations in Asia (China, India, and Japan), Europe (Greece and the United Kingdom), and Latin America (Brazil and Chile).

This seven-week program includes three main components:

  • A one-credit course offers an exploration of historic, social, and economic dimensions related to each of the program’s regions, in addition to providing a forum to reflect upon new international perspectives, inter-cultural knowledge, collaborative skills, integrative competencies, and career discernment.
  • A one-week on-site orientation provided by Notre Dame's global locations and selected service providers. The on-site orientation helps students better understand the local cultures and includes cultural excursions and basic language training.
  • A six-week placement within a business or organization that will provide students with professional experiences related to their academic and professional interests. Host businesses and organizations include media, startups, technology, healthcare, finance, NGOs, and think tanks, among other sectors.

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