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Summer Programs

Students can choose from a robust range of options throughout Asia to study abroad during the summer, including:

Summer Language

Peking University

The University of Notre Dame's China Summer Language Program in Beijing is an intensive language program with a rigorous study schedule that allows students to complete a full year Chinese study in eight weeks. In addition to lectures, drills and individual sessions, students will also spend three to four hours on Chinese study by themselves every day. This program, based at Peking University, allows Notre Dame language instructors to partner with those at Peking University and other institutes. 

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Summer Engineering

Southern University of Science and Technology

The China Summer Engineering Program at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), located in Shenzhen, China, offers University of Notre Dame students from the College of Engineering an opportunity to apply their engineering skills on a corporate-sponsored design project alongside students from SUSTech in China. While it is an Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering program, it is open to a limited number of non-AME students.

Participants of the China Summer Engineering Program will work together with SUSTech students in international teams to work on engineering projects. Past project sponsors have included General Electric, Timken, or other companies. This is a seven-week program for which participating Notre Dame students will receive six credits, equivalent to two courses at the University of Notre Dame. Participants will reside at SUSTech for the duration of the program. Successful project completion will require effective global and cross-cultural collaboration, providing participants a unique opportunity to develop their international teamwork skills.

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Global Professional Experience

The Global Professional Experience program allows students to learn firsthand, through unpaid internship positions, how businesses and organizations operate in different parts of the world. This four-and-a-half week workplace engagement/internship program places students with different businesses in Beijing, Hong Kong, and India. Notre Dame International provides logistic support on the ground through its global gateway and centers. Orientations will be provided upon arrival on-site. 

This program includes three main components:

  • A one credit course that both introduces the major economic and social issues that are shaping contemporary China and India and also provides a classroom setting for discussing your professional experiences. The course will start in the spring term before departure and via internet once students arrive on-site.
  • A two-day on-site orientation provided by the Notre Dame Global Gateway in Beijing, the Hong Kong Global Center in Hong Kong and the Mumbai Global Center in India.
  • A one-month workplace placement within a business or organization in China or India that will provide you with professional experiences related to your academic and professional interests.  Host businesses and organizations include media, law, technology, healthcare, and finance, among other sectors. 

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