Gcs Summer Enrichment Awards Page

Summer Enrichment Awards

All Greater China Scholars receive a Summer Enrichment Award (SEA) to support their research, service, international study or internship experience for one summer. The awards enable Greater China Scholars to discover their interests, develop their passions, enhance their leadership potential, and strengthen their commitment for a better society.

2021-22 Funded Projects

Name Project / Program / Research
Deng, Hairong ND Summer Online course: Elements of Computing I
Guo, Muhua ND Summer Online course: Business Technology & Analytics (ITAO 20600)
Fang, Weike Research at Notre Dame DM2 Lab with Prof. Meng Jiang
Shan, Jingyao Research on traditional culture in Chinese Official Policy Discourse
Sun, Yuhe Service trip to Southern Chicago with BridgeBuilders
Sun, Yuhe ND Summer Online course: Business Technology & Analytics (ITAO 20600)
Wang, Rachel Service with the Watertown Boys & Girls Club in Boston
Wang, Jessica ND Summer Online course: Introductory Psychology (PSY 10000)
Xu, Ruoyao ND Summer Online course: Accountancy II (ACCT 20200)

2020-21 Funded Projects

Name Project / Program / Research
Deng, Hairong Design Discovery Virtual Program with Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Wilderness School Service-Learning Program in Hunan, China
Fang, Weike ND Summer Online course: Programming Challenges (CSE 30872 )
Liao, Xinqi Internship with Bank of China New York Division
Lin, Ryan Notre Dame Silicon Valley Summer Program
Shan, Jingyao Virtual research on interrelations between sexism, racism, and judicial system in South Africa
Wang, Rachel Service learning and volunteering with Boston Cares
Wang, Rachel ND Summer online course: THEO 24864 (The Qur’an, the Bible, and Christian Theology
Wang, Tianyi Research on nuclear incompressibility and giant resonance with Prof. Umesh Garg, ND Physics
Wei, Tiantian ND summer online course: FIN 24150 (Corporate Finance Management)
Xia, Jiani ND Summer Online course: Calculus III (MATH 24550)
Xu, Ruoyao Virtual Global Professional Experience Program with ND International
Zhang, Kai Research at Robots Perceiving And Doing Lab, Carnegie Mellon University
Zhang, Yutan Virtual Global Professional Experience Program with ND International
Zhang, Yutong ND Summer Online Course 1:Introduction to Business Technology and Analytics
ND Summer Online Course 2: Principles of Management

2019-20 Funded Projects

Name Project / Program / Research
Liao, Xinqi  ND Summer Virtual Course “Elements of Computing”
Online German Course “Blended Learning” with Goethe-Institut in Munich
Pan, Runjie   ND Summer Virtual Courses:” Intermediate Probability”; “Love and Death”; “System and Technology: R Programming”
Wei, Tiantian ND Summer Virtual Course “Calculus III”
Wu, Kangxin Research on renovation and extension of the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden
Ying, Natalie Administrative Service Internship at the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region>
Zeng, Ziyu ND Summer Virtual Course “Tumor Cell Biology ”
Zhu, Hanjing ND Summer Virtual Course “Data Structures”

2018-19 Funded Projects

Name Project / Program / Research
Chen, Connie Service project with Connie's Home on developing financial structures for a social enterprise; Chiang Mai, Thailand
Data Analyst Internship Program with Mission Asset Fund; San Francisco, USA
Gao, Lingxiao German language learning with German Immersion Program; Berlin, Germany
Lin, Yuxin Research on number theory with Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), University of Chicago; Chicago, USA
Qian, Jiaying Research at the Gila River watershed on integral ecology from the theological perspective; Meza, Phoenix, and Tempe, USA
Wang, Rachel  Japanese language study with Hokkaido International Foundation; Hakodate, Japan
Xu, Jonathan Independent research on urban planning, transportation, technology and human relations; London, United Kingdom
Yin, Zhi'an ND International Berlin Summer Study Abroad; Berlin, Germany
Zhang, Zhefan  Internship at Bank of Ireland with Notre Dame Irish Internship Programme; Dublin, Ireland

Student Testimonials

Gcs Summer Enrich Jiaying Qian

Jiaying Qian, a business analytics major, participated in an intensive summer Portuguese language program and conducted her independent research in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She completed all coursework in Portuguese and further studied the Brazilian culture and social issues. Her research examined the potential of Brazil’s bamboo industry to enhance sustainable development and Brazil-China relations.

“The GCS program granted me the opportunity to explore my academic interest and to develop my research skills. Beyond the summer grant, I always feel supported and inspired by the GCS faculty and my peers - I am truly grateful for the mentorship and friendship I experienced in this community.”


Gcs Summer Enrich Xiangyu Ding

Xiangyu Dong, a computer science major, worked closely as a research assistant with Professor Danny Chen and his group on their medical image segmentation project. He especially worked on image labeling and implementing a fully convolutional network to enable accurate image segmentation with very few training data.

“Having the opportunity to engage in advanced researches in computer science is valuable to an undergraduate student. The experience helps me discern my interest in deep learning, especially its application of image segmentation, within the many possibilities of computer science. It motivates me to explore the field of medical imaging and find ways to help doctors make better, quicker and more personal decisions with the methods of deep learning. ”