BGG Sustainability Series: ND Chinese alumni respond to the ND Forum keynote event

Author: Reagan Li

On September 10, NBC News’ chief environmental affairs correspondent Anne Thompson hosted a “fireside chat” with U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, co-chair of the bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus, in a keynote titled “Call to Action: Crossing the Political Divide to Address Climate Challenges.” Read more about the event. 

The Beijing Global Gateway interviewed two Notre Dame alumni from China for their perspectives on how the United States and China can work together to address climate challenges and on the notion of a “carbon tax” mentioned in the keynote event.

Shan Huang received an M.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame in 2004. He is the president of Notre Dame Beijing Club and was the recipient of Notre Dame’s Presidential Fellowship. Huang is the Deputy Managing Editor and Editorial Board Member of Beijing-based Caixin Media, the Chinese equivalent of The Economist. He is in charge of Caixin’s foreign desk with 15 years of experience in reporting on Chinese domestic economic and political situations and China’s external relations with focus on Chinese economic diplomacy.

Jian Yi received a Master's degree in International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame in 1998 and a Distinguished Alumni Award in 2015. He was the founding president of the Notre Dame Club of Beijing (2006). Yi is an award-winning filmmaker and the founder and president of the Good Food Fund (GFF), a leading initiative in China's food systems transformation space, and served on the Core Leadership Team of the UN Food Systems Summit - Action Track 2. GFF is part of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation.

Watch their interviews below: