2018 Global Gateway Faculty Research Award recipients announced

Author: Brandi Klingerman

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Notre Dame Research (NDR) and Notre Dame International (NDI) have provided three research groups with grants from the Global Gateway Faculty Research Awards (GGFRA) program for 2018. The GGFRA program was developed to highlight the potential of the University of Notre Dame’s Global Gateways for the advancement of research and scholarship at the University.

In describing this year’s awards, Hildegund Müller, associate professor of classics and former associate vice president for research, said, “The Global Gateways, which are situated in varying locations around the world, offer an opportunity for Notre Dame researchers to dive into research using the unique resources available at each location. This year’s awardees, from the College of Engineering, the Keough School of Global Affairs, and the School of Architecture, have developed distinctive projects that take full advantage of these resources. I congratulate them on their awards and look forward to seeing the outcomes of their scholarly work.”

The 2018 GGFRA recipients include:

  • Patrick Regan, professor of political science and peace studies and director of the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative, for his interdisciplinary project at the Jerusalem Global Gateway entitled, “International collaborative workshop at the nexus of water, disease transmission and armed conflict in Jerusalem, Israel.“
  • Clemens Sedmak, professor of social ethics, and William Purcell, director of Catholic tradition at the Center for Social Concerns, for their project at the Jerusalem Global Gateway, “Listening to the Earth: Thinking about ecology in the Holy Land.”
  • Kevin Walsh, assistant teaching professor of civil & environmental engineering & earth sciences (CEEES) and director of resiliency and sustainability of engineering systems, and Elizabeth Kerr, associate teaching professor and director of undergraduate studies of CEEES, for their research at the Rome Global Gateway entitled, “Seismic resilience of Catholic Churches in Italy incorporating the development of an operational framework for assessment, case study non-destructive testing, and numerical modeling.” 

The competition for the GGFRA program is announced during the spring, with deadlines typically falling in March. For more information, including how to apply for next year’s competition, please visit the Global Gateway Faculty Research Awards page. 

For more information about additional faculty research funding from NDR, please visit https://research.nd.edu/our-services/funding-opportunities/faculty/internal-grants-programs/ and from NDI, please visit https://international.nd.edu/faculty-research/.


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Originally published by Brandi Klingerman at research.nd.edu on October 09, 2018.