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China's "Soft" Cooperation with Africa


Location: via Zoom


The Shanghai Academy of Global Governance and Area Studies (SAGGAS) at the Shanghai International Affairs University (SISU), in partnership with the Notre Dame Beijing Global Gateway and Notre Dame International, University of Notre Dame (UND), invites the public to a special virtual event on China's "Soft" Cooperation with Africa. Hosted by SISU Professor Wang Duanyong and Notre Dame Professor Joshua Eisenman, this half day conference will bring together renowned scholars from China, Africa, the United States, and Europe to discuss China-Africa media, educational and cultural relations with Africans and place them in the context of China’s larger strategic engagement with Africa and the developing world more broadly.

上海外国语大学上海全球治理与区域国别研究院和美国圣母大学国际部及圣母北京国际中心拟于2021年10月19日联合举办为期半天的“中国与非洲的‘软’合作”线上会议。本次特别活动由上海外国语大学汪段泳副研究员和圣母大学马佳士(Joshua Eisenman)教授共同召集。来自中国、非洲、美国和欧洲的知名学者,将在中国与非洲和更广泛的发展中世界加大战略接触的背景下,一起探讨中非媒体、教育和文化合作关系等问题。

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PLEASE NOTE: Indicated event times are Eastern Daylight Time (8:00pm - 12:00am Beijing Time)

Conference Schedule


Welcome Remarks
Prof. YANG Cheng
Dean, Shanghai Academy of Global Governance & Area Studies, SISU, China


Introductory Remarks
Dr. Jonathan Noble
Senior Assistant Provost for Internationalization and
Interim Director of the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies, UND, U.S.

Session I


China-Africa mechanism for people-to-people and cultural exchanges as a Grand Strategy


Prof. Joshua Eisenman
Keough School of Global Affairs, UND, U.S.


Prof. ZHENG Yu
Fudan University, China
The Evolution of China-Africa Cooperation

Prof. Carolijn van Noort
University of the West of Scotland
China’s Communication of the Belt and Road Initiative

Dr. Eman Fakhry
Egyptian Researcher
Training Programs for African Cadres and the Future of the Chinese Communist Party’s Grand Strategy on People to People Connectivity

Commentator / Q&A

Prof. Joshua Eisenman
Keough School of Global Affairs, UND, U.S.
09:20-09:30am Zoom Break


Session II


China-Africa Education Cooperation


Prof. HE Wenping
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China


Prof. Antoine Lokongo
President Joseph Kasa-Vubu University,
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Africa-China Academic Collaboration in the New Era: The Necessity of Joint Research

Prof. Lina Benabdallah
Wake Forest University, U.S.
Network-Building and Human Capital Investments in China-Africa Scholarship Programs

Prof. ZHOU Jinyan
SISU, China
The Characteristics and Motivations of China's Training to Africa

Commentator / Q&A

Prof. HE Wenping
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
10:30-10:40am Zoom Break


Session III


China-Africa Media Cooperation


Dr. Cliff Mboya
Kenya/China Africa Project


Prof. Dani Madrid-Morales
University of Houston, U.S.
Assessing the Influence of Chinese Global Media in Africa: An Audience Analysis

Prof. Emeka Umejei
University of Ghana
China's Multifaceted Media Engagement in Africa

Prof. WANG Duanyong
SISU, China
Go in Opposite Direction while Non-insect: How Chinese and African Media Impact Each Other?

Commentator / Q&A

Dr. Cliff Mboya
Kenya/China Africa Project
Concluding Remarks
Prof. Joshua Eisenman
Keough School of Global Affairs, ND, U.S.