Notre Dame-China Symposium on Exotic Nuclear Structures

Location: Notre Dame Beijing Global Gateway

Temple Of Heaven Golden Dome

A symposium on “Exotic Nuclear Structures” is being organized by the nuclear physics groups at the University of Notre Dame and Peking University. This is the first of a series of Notre Dame-China Symposia to be held annually in China or at Notre Dame with the aim to discuss the current trends in exotic nuclear structures.

The University of Notre Dame has had a long and distinguished history of research in nuclear sciences—the first accelerator at Notre Dame had become operational in 1937! The Nuclear Science Laboratory currently houses three accelerators—an FN Tandem Van deGraaff, a high-current 5MV NEC accelerator, and a new 3-MV tandem accelerator for applied nuclear physics. It is our hope that these symposia will become instruments of cross-fertilization of ideas and development of collaborative efforts between Notre Dame and nuclear scientists in China.

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This symposium is sponsored by Notre Dame International

Organizing Committee:
Umesh Garg (Notre Dame)

Jie Meng (PKU)

Xiaodong Tang (IMP)

Furong Xu (PKU)

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