Class of 2020

Xinhui Hong
Xiangyu Dong
Qiqi He
Shaoyu Liu
Hsuan Lo
Runjie Pan
Yiran (Erin) Shang
Kangxin Wu

Xinhui Hong

Xinhui Hong

Shenzhen College of International Education
HS Chau Foundation Full Scholarship Recipient
Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Global Scholar
Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar

I am from Dongguan, Guangdong and I am majoring in economics and Spanish and minoring in education, schooling and society, here at Notre Dame.

Through the Greater China Scholars Program and Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program, I have been inspired by the brightest and most kind-hearted people to explore my passion in education and service.

In my first semester at Notre Dame, I joined Take Ten, a volunteer teaching program educating school children on conflict resolution and violence prevention. I spent the summer after my first year in Quito, Ecuador, working with UBECI, a non-profit organization committed to serving underprivileged children and their families. This past summer, I interned in Chicago for Empower Illinois, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships for low-income children.

Throughout the academic years, outside of class, I have devoted my time to leading a consulting project in the Student International Business Council, facilitating a Christian fellowship group for Iron Sharpens Iron, conducting economic research with Professor Chloe Gibbs, and interning at the Office of Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

In addition, I was a language tutor at the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures and a legal associate for Jubilee Initiative for Financial Inclusion (JIFFI), a nonprofit that provides low interest loans to members of the South Bend community. As an International Ambassador and member of Student Government, I have also been actively involved in organizing cultural activities and promoting student wellbeing.

To further develop my mastery of Spanish and enhance my knowledge of South America, I decided to spend a semester at the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Latin America. In addition, I will spend next semester in Washington, D.C., where I hope to gain a better understanding of the role of politics through my classes and internship.

Through my experiences in diverse environments, I hope to explore and discover how I may use my education to serve greater causes.

Xiangyu Dong

Xiangyu Dong

Tianjin No.1 High School

I am a third-year student at Notre Dame majoring in computer science. At Notre Dame, I dived into many academic activities including various researches, internships and computer competition such as ACM ICPC. The researches I have been engaged in are very interdisciplinary, such as the application of computer vision in medical imaging and machine learning in social behaviors. These experiences not only deepened my problem solving skills and my understanding and interests in technology, but also helped me develop friendships with my classmates and co-workers who have helped me a lot along the journey.

Outside the classroom, I became a member of the marching band in the first year to develop my interest in saxophone performing and experience the sport culture. More recently, I have become involved with practicing different kinds of instruments such as percussion and guitar.

For the rest of my time at Notre Dame, I hope to enjoy the dorm life and the great liberal arts courses that the University offers. After graduation, I am planning to attend graduate school to further my education in computer science.

Qiqi He

Qiqi He

Chengdu Foreign Language School, Chengdu

I am a junior at Notre Dame, majoring in economics and statistics.

During my second year at Notre Dame, I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities focusing on my personal interests as well as career development. I was involved in residence hall activities, including organizing our hall’s iconic annual donation event. I feel closer to the Notre Dame community by participating in all these valuable events which focus on love and giving.

Through Notre Dame International, I was able to find an amazing internship at IBM Shanghai during my sophomore year. I assisted the University Relations team with their strategic implementation and had the opportunity to take part in an internal consulting project targeting on the company’s internal training system.

I conducted two SIBC (Student International Business Council) projects during my sophomore and junior year. SIBC collaborates with leading firms in different industries to facilitate students’ understanding and learning about what the workplace looks like and how to think like a professional. I learned a lot by doing the case studies with the companies. I also gained valuable insights and inspiring feedback through the communication with alumni from those firms.

This semester, I’m studying abroad at National University of Singapore, hoping to see and understand the world from another perspective. I will intern at the Citibank in New York City in the summer. I really look forward to my new life in Singapore and NYC.

Shaoyu Liu

Shaoyu Liu

High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

I am currently a junior with business analytics and ACMS double major.

At Notre Dame, I am a member of the Chinese Student and Scholar Association. During my freshman year, I performed in a fashion show in Asian Allure, which provided me an opportunity to learn more about multiple cultures. I served as an international ambassador at the International Students and Scholars Affairs (ISSA) office. I assisted in organizing the Welcome Weekend for incoming freshmen and monthly social events with various interesting themes. It has been a wonderful experience working with peers from different parts of the world.

I utilized my summer enrichment award on a summer study abroad program in London. It is by far the most interesting and fascinating six weeks in my college life.


Hsuan (Ashley) Lo

Hsuan Lo

Kaohsiung American School, Kaosiung

I am a junior at Notre Dame, majoring in English literature and minoring in journalism.

During my first two years at Notre Dame, I wrote regularly for the university magazine, The Scholastic, covering a wide array of topics from college football to student politics. I enjoyed serving as the assistant news editor for the publication my sophomore year and be more involved with campus affairs as well as pursuing my journalistic interests. I was also an executive member for the Taiwanese Club in the hope to raise cultural awareness and appreciation for campus diversity.

I had the fortune of studying abroad at Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway in summer 2016 thanks to the generosity of the GCS program; I was awed by the literary scenes in the English capital and developed an interest to pursue further studies or employment in the U.K. In summer 2017, I interned with Reporters Without Borders, an international NGO that conducts advocacy for press freedom, a cause I am deeply concerned with as an aspiring journalist.

I am currently spending my junior year abroad at New College, University of Oxford, where I have very rigorous but rewarding in-depth discussions on my favorite authors and works with world-class leading academics, a rare privilege.

I look forward to returning to campus next year to pursue my other interests; I intend to pick up a minor in philosophy, politics and economics. Most importantly, Notre Dame has made me a more well-rounded individual.

Runjie Pan

Runjie Pan

Chengdu No. 7 High School, Chengdu

I am from Chengdu, China. I graduated from Chengdu No.7 high school and my intended major in Notre Dame is ACMS (Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics).

In high school, my major achievements are the participation in the DI (Destination Imagination) competition and foundation of the ChanceProject. In 2014, my team won the champion and the special award in the Asia Pacific DI finals held in Beijing and made it to the Global Final held in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2015. ChanceProject is a charity-fund raising platform that help raise money for the Tibetan kids in poverty-stricken areas in Yushu, Qinghai. Our programs include supporting local schools by raising money for text books and auctions of local handcrafts made by students to buy the heating fuels for winter. Besides raising funds to meet their immediate needs, ChanceProject also functioned as an advertising platform to preserve and spread the beautiful Tibetan Culture. During this winter break, I’m coming back to Yushu to check the usage of our funds and what effect our efforts may have made.

For here at Notre Dame, I am still very much unsure about my exact major and minor. Though I’ve spent all the years in school so far learning Sciences, I am very interested in European history and photography. I am planning to participate in the study abroad program in Berlin this summer. Hopefully it will be rewarding.

Yiran (Erin) Shang

Yiran Shang

Affiliated High School of Peking University, Beijing

I am pursuing a double major in finance and applied mathematics from the Mendoza College of Business, and a minor in philosophy, politics and economics.

At Notre Dame, I am actively involved in a number of extracurricular activities. Because of my interest in international law and politics, I am an International Scholar with the Kellogg Institute, and have been on my faculty mentor, Professor Emilia Powell’s research team since my freshman year. My interest in news and politics have also led me to explore writing as a news writer for the Observer, as well as parliamentary debate as a member of the Notre Dame Debate Team. I am also actively involved in Student International Business Council, and the experiences have strongly enhanced my presentation and interpersonal skills, and have led me to understand the beauty of interdisciplinary fields.

The summer after my freshman year, cosponsored by Greater China Scholars program and Liu Institute for Asia and Asian studies, I conducted independent research comparing the different charity funding systems in the US and China. I also did equity research over the summer, and these experiences in writing and research have reconfirmed my interests in pursuing a career related to law and business. I spent my second summer interning as an investment analyst at a venture capital firm called IrishAngels. Both experiences helped me explore different areas of finance, and made me determined that I wanted to pursue investing as an career.

I am still excited for the opportunity to be both intellectually and mentally challenged at Notre Dame, and look forward to those new opportunities ahead of me. I believe my experience at Notre Dame will be a life-long enriching one, and I am truly grateful to learn, fail, and grow at such an outstanding community.

Kangxin Wu

Kangxin Wu 19

Ningbo Xiaoshi High School, Ningbo

I am a fourth-year architecture student.

Notre Dame has offered me many opportunities to dive into my major. Thanks to the School of Architecture’s Study Abroad Program in Rome last year, I walked the whole city of Rome following professors who knew Italy by heart. I also visited many other European countries during breaks and deepened my understanding of classical architecture. During last summer, I interned at ADAM Architecture in Winchester, UK, and learned about practicing classical architecture in the real world. People at the firm told me my active participation in various school activities prepared me well for the internship.

In my freshman year, with the sponsor of GCS summer enrichment funding, I did independent research about the influence of Daoism on Chinese Garden and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. With the experience as a computer consultant at Bond Hall's computer lab, I worked well in the architecture library during the sophomore year. I participated in the “Building South Bend” and “Campus Tactile Mapping” architecture projects, joined student groups including Design for America and Frank Montana Sketch Club, making my life at Notre Dame interesting and fulfilling.

Outside of architecture, I also explored new interests at Notre Dame. I took Japanese classes since the sophomore year and attended the International Christian University Summer Language Program in Tokyo, sponsored by the GCS program. I hold great passion in Japanese culture and will continue my Japanese study towards a Japanese minor.